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Webinar Announcement

Hello CEO Tools BLOG-Fellows:

  Welcome to our brand new weekly blog.  We'll be posting regularly, so please stay tuned in!

And, please join in with feedback, news, ideas, and most of all tools and tips you've used from our or from elsewhere. This blog is all about management tools, manager tools, CEO tools, and business tools. Every one of these tools is aimed at creating results for all our BLOG-Fellows, namely you!

Our biggest news right now is the to be held at 2pm Eastern time on January 28 Wednesday for one hour.  I'm certain that will be the best hour you spend about how to Measure and Manage through this recession.

That will be our focus, so register this week.  To register please click on  now. Please join us for the Webinar!  I guarantee it will be worth your time.

With best wishes, Kraig