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Recession Tools: Google It!

Amazingly, when you Google “recession” – three of the seven paid-for sponsors on the first page talk about the medical illness known as Clinical Depression and two talk about dentistry, not economic recession. Well, I guess that makes some sense, recessions and dental work can be very depressing! Another interesting observation: you get nearly 50 million hits when googling recession. And yet, not much to help us manage through it.

In our opinion, only the wikipedia website offers much, and that’s a pretty thorough history of recessions and the Great Depression. Good stuff, but it doesn’t help much to take action to survive and thrive in this recession.

Following are a few websites you might want to visit, but actually we got lucky here at CEO Tools Blog since we seem to be the only one on the first page or two when you Google "recession tools" that offers ongoing suggestions of real-time, concrete, free tools for businesses to manage and do better through recessions. Try these websites for some interesting input:

Great definition and history of recessions and the ‘30s Great Depression:

A few good ideas for dealing with recessions: 

Great recession tools for non-profit organizations (actually, they’re not-for-taxation, but everyone knew that): 

There are others, but it’s like wading through mud – it’ll take you a while to find them! So please check in with us regularly since we’ll be posting new ideas, tips, and tools to do better with your business during this recession.