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From: Remodelers Advantage® PowerTips

One of my favorite groups to speak to and work with is -- the international industry organization for remodelers.  A recent article in their newsletter tells of  one of their member CEOs -- he sent an email to all his people telling of the company's plan to survive this recession and asking that each employee take two days off each month during 2009 without pay, but they could use paid vacation days and sick days instead; plus they could take all the days in one time period to really have that vacation

Not only was this well-received by the employees but they also knew the company had a plan (see below: the number one concern of employees is that management has no plan).  And...whichever way they took the days off would be beneficial to the company, cash or cash-accrual-wise.  It works!  A win-win, and you can do the same.  Many thanks to our good friends at Remodelers Advantage ®


for all their good work in helping us all through these tough times.  For any of you in construction, check out this great outfit:  they're delivering for their Members big-time.


Very best, Kraig