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Best Business Travel: Airport Restaurant

Well, you might not believe this, but a brand new, good, real restaurant just opened up in the Atlanta airport called "One Flew South" out on Concourse E (just after getting off escalator on your left).  Best airport food in North America, bar none, no one else is close.  Ya gotta try it! 

We'll try to add other recession-relievers to this new category of Best Business Travel, but after 62 years of flying, this is one of a kind and a real restaurant.  And to open in the midst of recession:  you go for it Exec Chef Todd -- absolutely awesome!  Just goes to show, when you've got a great concept, it will work, even in the worst of times.  When traveling, you've got to treat yourself whenever you can, especially in tough times, and this is when...ever! 


Very best to all, Kraig