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Celebrate to Win in Tough Times

Good news has become rare, but businesses reporting good news and celebrating conservatively are doing better because they celebrate.  Their people are more involved, more engaged, work harder and have more positive attitudes than businesses that don't celebrate or even worse, exuberate.   

One company we know initiated a "what a great idea" suggestion system, strongly supported by the CEO, which creates the opportunity to celebrate the cost-saving and sales-improvement ideas it creates.  Another company celebrates with pizza and Cokes for all employees when a monthly milestone of one kind or another is achieved.   Jack Welch in Business Week recently reiterated the need for small celebrations and recognitions of your extra-effort players. 

Our people need good news, so let's all find easy, inexpensive ways to celebrate little wins...a series of small successes will lead us all out of this recession. 

With better times wishes, Kraig