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CEO-to-CEO --> Success!

About 15 years ago, Lou Gerstner became CEO of IBM and one of his trademarks was to visit the CEOs of IBM's clients, realizing great success in ongoing business, timely payments, customer satisfaction, and mutual profitability.  It's CEO-to-CEO.

Recently, I've heard numerous stories of how CEOs visit their client CEOs and talk about things they're doing to deal with this downturn.  When discussing collections, the client CEO often asks how his company is doing on payment, and the supplier CEO only then shares that information; more often than not, unprompted, the client CEO cuts a check on the spot to hand to the supplier CEO right then.  Just another example of the power of CEO-to-CEO.  Try it, you'll love it!

If you're reading this and you're not the CEO, get your CEO to make some calls...or do it yourself.  The more who think like a CEO, the better we'll all be.  More soon on this topic!

With best CEO-to-CEO and executive wishes,