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Better Your Business - Three Tools

Here are three quick tools to better your business today:

1 - Borrow better:  we're hearing that credit unions plus local and community banks are looking to do solid business lending.  That sure beats the general bank environment right now!  New add on April 7, thanks to Vistage International:  SBA's are lending actively now due to the stimulus package, too, up to $4 million, reportedly!  Check it out at CDC's:  .

2 - Collect better:  We're seeing businesses collect better by being nice at first in their collection efforts, using a timetable they stick to, and then getting tough if necessary.  See the other articles posted earlier below on collection and credit by our friend, WalkingBear!

3 - Motivate better:  several companies are succeeding through greatly improved employee engagement by celebrating small successes with high-quality company-logo caps, shirts, or jackets that are personalized with the employee's name. Why not try all three now to better your business?  And, please leave your thoughts under Comments Welcome below. 

Best wishes,