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Positive Economic Signs...but be Cautious!

We're seeing a number of key leading economic indicators rise, like the the Purchasing Managers' Index, the US Leading Indicator series, and proclamations of hope from the "Washington Gang" and various news media.   But we're also seeing a renewed housing crunch (second downturn in housing starts?) and an ongoing deterioration of the employment and credit scenes.  This recession isn't "over" -- it's just bottoming in some ways.  There are many months and possibly years of  "recovery" ahead.  Are you set to weather the recovery?  That question is exacerbated by the already barely-functional cash and credit situation in the majority of businesses.  Please attend to those critical areas before contemplating either GROWTH or ACQUISITION in the coming months/years.  Growth, including buying another company, gobbles cash for breakfast, and we want all our business friends to enjoy dinner as well in 2010 and 2011! Hope these are helpful thoughts for your business...with best wishes, Kraig