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Announcing: All Website CEO Tools CD

Now you can order a CD from Kraig that contains all 26 tools
listed in the New Tools Catalog at
, fully updated for 2010, at a total savings of over 35%.  The CD with 26 tools discounted net price is $749.00 (including S&H in the continental US) versus total list price of $1,160.20 for all the tools individually.  To see the complete 26-tool list and price comparison, please click the  PDF.  And to order, click “CONTACT US” above and leave an email for Kraig with your information:  name, company name, complete address (no PO Boxes), phone, and email address.  Kraig will reply with payment instructions after accepting your order.  The same user license terms and conditions apply to this complete single-user Toolchest as with any tool.  This CD is a great way to save while implementing a number of the business-improving CEO Tools!