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New Tools for 2010 and Cash Ain't Cash

First 12-Seasons message this year:  three new tools for all managers at our CEO Tools website (All 26 Tools on a CD at a 35% discount, Manage Sales Dashboard with twelve Trailing 52-Week Charts to manage “What Causes Sales” and a CFO Scorecard).  Please click up the following PDF , or visit to see what these new tools are all about!       Second this month, cash ain't cash unless it's cash.  That’s from Red Scott, and he meant cash in hand is the only real thing, especially for paying bills and making payroll.  We're pretty sure he never imagined how pertinent his thought would be at present, in our current economy.  This is the first time in our lifetimes that credit is no longer the same as cash; up till a year or two ago, it was.  Bankers and lenders had promised to stand by us, to lend us prescribed amounts under our LoC's, and now they are mostly reneging on those promises.       We now must manage our cash separately from our credit.  What this means, practically, is physically partition our cash in different non-attachable accounts and/or in other lending institutions, insofar as you can legally or within your best judgment.  It means tracking cash needs separately from borrowing needs.  Not a difficult concept, just hard to really do since we've always thought of availability under our LoC as "cash" -- it just ain't any more!       To help with your cash management, there’s a Cash Manager Tool at – and we’ve provided a free PDF of that tool at .  Just click to open that link, and print it and do something with it.  I’m hoping and betting you’ll think a bit differently about cash as a result.  As always, hope you have greater success in 2010 than ever before, triggered just a tad by these thoughts. With very best regards, Kraig