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What Keeps You Going?

As many of you know, I speak over 100 times each year -- on business topics that create profit-explosions, growth at record rates, and key indicator and tracking systems to assure those enhanced performances.  I’m often asked about my Vistage/TEC speaking, especially some of the more unusual places I’ve spoken for this fabulous world-leading CEO organization. 

Here are some of the crazy venues where I’ve spoken (and loved every one of them):

  • A former church in Pittsburg PA (now part of a bakery)
  • A barn in outback Georgia (and one in Lakeland FL)
  • A bar on Route 128 in the Boston area (what an experience!)
  • Churchill Downs in Lousiville (nice)
  • A mortuary in Madison WI (yes, really…very different)
  • An airplane hanger in West Palm Beach (ask me about this wild one!)
  • A closet in Houston (yes, really, it was a closet, not a just a small room!)
  • Another closet in Berkeley CA (is this a pattern?)
  • A movie theatre in Long Island
  • A pub in Ireland (yes, really, Vistage UK; nice!)
  • Two “Engineers Clubs” in Baltimore and London
  • The weirdest projection/presentation setup ever, in San Diego
  • A frozen conference room in Rochester (heat system broke, actually 27° F!)
  • A sweltering conference room in Chicago (no AC, over 100° F)
  • A winery in Sonoma CA (my allergies just about killed me)
  • Wine cellars in Monterey and Chicago (no allergies, just bottles of wine, not fermenting)
  • A clock-works in Berkeley CA (really, they were making clocks)
  • A site in a remote part of Canada (no electricity, no handouts…just amazing!)
  • All sorts of “high-tech” meeting rooms (they’re usually NOT hi-tech, just high challenge)
There were so many, I can’t even remember all the wild ones.  It’s been a lot of fun and an ongoing wonderment about what’s next…kind of what keeps things interesting in my world.  And, that surprise is often what keeps me going!  So, what keeps you going?  Please leave a comment below…