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The Great Up-shift in the Upturn!

The Great Recovery…yes, you can up-shift in this upturn!  We’re in the “recovery” phase, well mostly – YAY!  How about some ideas on being the best in the great-but-slow-recovery that’s enticing us all?  Here are some of the consulting involvements I’ve done over the past eight-to-ten months with clients to improve their businesses – I’m hoping these will encourage you to pursue avenues you might have avoided or discounted due to the economic decline:              + Continued to coach a CEO with 30%+ growth per year over past five years.             +
Improved sales of a client through key indicator tracking and focus.             + Influenced/counseled highly profitable growth in 2009 for a small lender .             + Guided borrowing process to get a client over $10 million of new financing . + Re-focused a management team on accountability  to sustain growth.             + Encouraged/supported a completed acquisition