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Why not? Combine or Unbundle to Grow

Why not...combine your product/service offering, or un-bundle them, to create more sales?  Let's say you've always included ongoing, free, anytime support services with your product or service.  What if you created a FAQ list with really appropriate answers, organize the list of FAQs to be easily searched, provided it on a CD as well as your website, and then charge for real-person extra support after the first two calls?  What typically happens is, customers adapt to this, already know how to use FAQs (even though you never had them before) and figure out most of the answers thedmselves.  And what you've done is help them to help themselves (they better understand your product/service) while cutting your costs, even if you never charge them for the real-person support (which I do recommend you don't charge them). -- Please leave your comment to add to these ideas below!