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"12 Seasons" Oct 2010 - Manage Metrics

Twelve Seasons for October:  Let's "track" key metrics for immensely greater's what gets measured, AND MANAGED, that gets done!  In most cases, T12M and 12mma charts are the tools to use (that's trailing 12-month and 12-month-moving-average). Here's how to do it:  simply start watching, AND TAKING ACTION, to improve a few very-revealing key indicators, like debt:equity ratio (the #1 bankruptcy predictor), new order activity (e.g. continuously increasing number of leads), productivity (improving output per dollar-intensive resource), and true cash in hand (that's real money, not credit line availability).  Add a few leading economic indicators:  employment (U6 from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, and unemployment % and trends over time in your geographic markets), plus some measure of your market share. See the dashboards in the New Tools Catalog at for ideas.  As always, we hope this contributes to your success! Very best wishes for managing metrics, Kraig