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November 12 Seasons = Where Get Help?

For November, 12 Seasons focuses on "where to go for help for advancing your business?" So, where do we go for help when it's just not working?  How about trying local "consultants" associated with your State colleges, such as the Small Business Development Centers (SBDC) -- every State has them and they're smart and almost free!  Also, ask Kraig for ideas.  Don't be too proud to ask your friends and Vistage/TEC/Peer group or their chairperson for help; or you could join a Vistage/TEC or other peer group.  Take a look at the various tracking tools at for ideas that should help.  Finally, smaller banks are indeed lending, and unbelievably large banks are very cautiously financing small amounts to solid situations starting just now because their outlook for the next five years or so portends lower earnings due to loss of most mortgage lending and the new credit card constraints. You might have to dig and ask around some, but be heartened, help is out there!  We hope that the ideas presented here are helpful to you! With best helpful wishes, Kraig Kramers President & CEO -- CEO Tools, Inc.