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December 12 Seasons: Common Seller Mistakes

We've been getting a LOT of interest in acquisitions and exits.  The merger/acquisition market slowed dramatically during the protracted recessionary period of the past three years, which in turn has caused substantial pent-up demand!  Despite that, my advice has been to really consider your cash and credit situation before embarking on a buy strategy due to probable more years of slow credit availability; similarly, watch for low multiples for exits in these continuing tough times. With those caveats said, I've been asked to talk "Acquire/Exit" a lot recently and I also became a Director of a boutique investment banking firm (Bulkley Capital) that takes a unique, personal, customized and very different approach with clients nationwide.  They advise you on strategy, then tailor their approach to your needs, and achieve your M&A event while assuring the best process along the way.  We're including a piece from Bulkely Capital which highlights the five most Common Seller Mistakes -- just click to view/print PDF.  Through my own experience with over 70 deals, I've found this kind of quick-read summary to be hugely helpful when considering that most important M&A step.  Have a look...I think you'll pick up something of value! Please feel free to contact me or Brad Bulkley directly with any questions or for an  introduction, very personalized service, and of course complete confidentiality. With best regards, Kraig Kramers