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2011 Outlook and "12 Seasons of Business"

As we begin 2011, business continues to be held in check by high unemployment and ongoing excessive Government spending.  Many businesses are on the upswing from the past two years, but many are stagnant or still heading down.  Many of the "up" businesses still aren't back to 2007 levels. All are under ongoing cash/credit pressure due to the dearth of bank lending but also because growth gobbles cash (working capital) while decline usually uses cash when businesses suffer bottom-line losses. The uncertainty of current politics and the  actuality of economic evolution as it occurs suggest strongly we tailor the "12 Seasons of Business" in 2011 to respond to changes as they happen, month-by-month.  Some industry segments and locales will show growth while others decline; this plus the probability of State and local government defaults (bankruptcies?) and unknown Federal response, all augur for adaptiveness by business along the way.  So, the following is our best guess at topics for 2011:    1 - Get more sales & volume: new plus tried-true tips.  Do more for your customers!    2 - Constrict and control costs & expenses.  Cash and credit will be tight all year.    3 - Positively inculturate your business...people tools!       4 - Economic re-forecast...based on Government demeanor & actions in Q1.    5 - Grow the people side...grow productivity!    6 - What's new in the TOOLKIT?  Are hiring or acquisitions in order yet?  How to do them?    7 - Economic re-set:  where are we now, what's the 6-month outlook?    8 - The very best tools and tips of 2010!  Refresher and summary...    9 - Who can help me in 2011 and beyond?   10 - Economic re-look:  now what's it looking like, what should we plan and do?   11 - OK, we're still tight on capital...where to turn?   12 - Re-cap a mixed/troubled year and a brighter look ahead! We'll offer tips and tools on each topic as we progress through the year.  Hope your 2011 is prosperous and profitable!  Very best wishes, Kraig