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"12 Seasons" May 2011: Productivity for Profit

May's "12 Seasons" aims to improve productivity during this ongoing period of economic instability and political uncertainty.  After all, by growing the people-side intrinsically, you improve responsiveness and resilience whether in improving economic sectors or ones plagued by slowness and negative news.

You've heard me talk about "What Gets Measured and Managed, Gets Done!" -- if we measure and act on those measures of productivity, we'll achieve gains and actually know the extent of those gains, trying the different things that create the most improvement.

Some measures that will help improve productivity include:  Physical Volume (like number) per $ Invested, Physical Volume per Employee and per Customer, Sales $ per Total People Hours, Gross Profit $ per Employee, and other iterations of the concepts in these measures.  Track these measures on T52W (Trailing 52 Week) Charts...start any new measure this way:  put the first week's measure on the chart, add first plus second week and divide by two to put on the chart, add first three weeks and divide by three to put on the chart, etc.  The chart will "settle down" toward emulating a true T52W or T12M chart pretty readily.

Hope this grows your bottom-line quickly  Give us feedback on improving these tools and tips whenever you can.

Best wishes, Kraig