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Aug 12 Seasons: Top Tools & Tips

August  "12 Seasons"  aims at the Top Tools & Tips of the past year, the business tools that work best in these times.

As background, we continue to experience a very slow (if any) recession recovery, which some of us have labeled "regression."   Clearly, the first-and-foremost tool is one that watches and forecasts CASH for your business; the tool is the Cash Manager at  Just print out the free PDF under New Tools Catalog at our website and design your own or download the Excel version.  Also, take a look at Abe WalkingBear Sanchez' unique tools for optimizing credit-and-collections to aid your cashflow ( ).

Next big tool is "What Causes Sales" available in the same place; this one helps your business grow your top line (revenue).

Third tool is the "Measure-Up Dashboard" for tracking and managing the many success factors in business.  If nothing else, just start a dashboard with two or three T12M'll be absolutely amazed at what you'll discover about your own business.  Remeber to ask three questions about your T12M charts:  what are the charts telling me?  why is this happening?  what could/should we do about it?

And, last but not least, how about joining a Vistage/TEC CEO or similar group, staying in one and talking more about volume and cash, and/or suggesting direct reports join a Vistage KEY group to enhance their management and leadership skills and speed? Again, hope these thoughts are helpful. 

With best regards, Kraig