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2012 Twelve Seasons of Business

Here's the line-up for the 2012 "Twelve Seasons of Business."  Of course, we might all want to realize we are facing a mixed-and-troubled year.  Our wonderful economists, Brian and Alan Beaulieu, have forecasted a better year, economically, but one fraught with highly uncertain eventual outcomes.

This year focuses on "how to manage our businesses better in the next twelve challenging months" with an emphasis on real-time, use-it-now, tools that get results.  These tools work in any recession-like period since they were successfully used by me as CEO in five companies during recessions and several others in good times.  We'll particularly focus on "how to" aspects with an eye to ease-of-implementation to yield immediate results.

The following topics will be our focus in 2012:  

1 - Tools to get more sales & volume, emphasis on "how to."   
2 - Drill-down on cash management, collection ideas.   
3 - Operating efficiency with focus on specific tracking tools.   
4 - Creating an "I WANT TO HELP & WIN FOR ALL..." culture!   
5 - Developing management efficiency...using QPM Accountability.   
6 - Seeing into the to with tools to help!   
7 - Growing productivity...$ and # per unit tracking/results.   
8 - Inflation is back: how do I increase PRICE?   
9 - Anticipating a New Economy (whatever happened to "normal?")  
10 - Maximizing results from Trailing-12-Month Charts.  
11 - FUTURE LOOK:  A changing Federal/State picture...prepare for 2013!  
12 - And, what should we be focusing on in the coming year?

Please preview the new tools at -- they've all been updated for tracking and reporting through December 2012 (yes, the end of the year).  Just click New Tools Catalog at the website; then scroll down through brief descriptions of the tools.  You can print out the free PDF of any tool or better yet, order the Excel version for a quick download to immediately use the tool for improving your business.

All these tools and tips will be aimed at making you and your business more successful in 2012...we hope these tools and tips work for you!

With very best wishes, Kraig Kramers