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May 2012 "12 Seasons of Business"

MANAGEMENT EFFICIENCY:  Here are two great ways to improve management efficiency at the top and in the middle of your business:  the Quarterly Priorities Manager (QPM) tool and use the "Hoosiers" movie (available on DVD for about $10, try Amazon).  Show the film with popcorn and Cokes to your managers together; at the beginning ask them to note "management messages" and then capture them after on a flip-chart; your team will be jazzed for six months and management efficiency enhanced dramatically!  Also, try the QPM accountability tool by clicking New Tools Catalog above left of the homepage and print the free PDF.  You'll be amazed at how your company improves! 

Very best, Kraig

PS - Here's just a "starter list" of management messages from Hoosiers:   Be the Best You Can Be! - Pass the Ball 4 Times (back to basics) - Be Willing to Learn! - Visualize and Practice - Put Challenges in Proportion - Never Ever give Up! - Stick to Your Principles/Values/Culture - One Game (Step) at a Time - Grow the Team You Have- This IS Our Team! - Speak in the Listener's Language - Do Learn from Past Mistakes (Coach Norm) - Give Potential a Chance (Jimmy & Shooter) - I Love You Guys!