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Not Innovative? Hmmmmm...

Recently, someone asked “how could a turnaround CEO possibly know anything about being innovative?”  Sure, it’s perhaps possible that someone who has been involved in and driven five turnarounds might not be innovative, but it’s certainly not probable!  Not to mention that perhaps that CEO also guided enviable growth in dozens of non-turnaround situations.

So it dawned on me that some of the innovations one CEO conceived, drove and supported might spark an innovative idea for some of you:

A lawnmower that mows perfectly in the rain without clumping or clogging.  A seasonality reserve that’s GAAP and helps eliminate inappropriate over-reporting of profits.  The concept of “What Causes Sales” to grow faster, more consistently, and in-control.  Major change in business mix to improve profitability.  The same to balance and improve cash-flow.  The same to create ongoing growth even through recessions.  Implementing “equitable” as opposed to “fair” (fair usually fails, being an emotion, not a determinable fact).  Growth through unusual acquisition strategies, including funding of deals without capital.  “Right” growth rates for businesses.  Managing rainfall to manage consistent, greater-than-industry company growth.  Using Apple “apps” to sell unusual b-2-b products and services.  Strategy development using the best management film ever made.  Unique multi-unit rollout strategies.  Application of trailing-12-month tracking for consistent profitable growth in virtually every industry.  Numerous methods/tools for engendering employee engagement. 

If any of these are helpful to at least one of you, our purpose will have been successful!  Please feel free to email me at for more about any of these somewhat innovative concepts.

Very best wishes, Kraig