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"12 Seasons" for June: See the Future NOW!

Twelve Seasons for June:  "how to look into the future?"  With, of course, the obvious purpose to run our businesses better because we know what's coming at us and how to prepare, take advantage of, or respond to upcoming conditions.  We are undoubtedly in the most uncertain of times (at least in my almost-70-year lifetime).  But please remember, fear of the unknown is much worse than fear of what you can, even only partially, see and anticipate!

Everyone should be looking at to recognize the more-than-clear signals pointing at another inevitable recession starting probably by the end of 2013 into 2014 or even sooner caused by Europe's woes and our own untenable unemployment, huge excess-spending on entitlements, and our unaddressed unfunded liabilities (which include over $130 Trillion of national debt plus social security plus medicaid/medicare plus Federal unfunded pensions). 

Everyone also should follow:  mulitiple economists (my favorites are Brian and Alan Beaulieu at; all economic headlines; forecasts of your industry; forecasts that you do.  Everyone should also put their CFOs on the bow of the ship with binoculars rather than the stern, where they're tracking accounting numbers in rear-view mirrors.  Everyone should be asking and enjoining others in discussions of the future, using "what if" and "what do you see" and "what could or is likely to occur" kinds of dialog.  Obviously also, there are tools on the website under New Tools Catalog that help see the future:  the "Forecaster Tool" plus the "Measure Up Dashboard" and of course the "Cash Manager Tool."

My hope is that your future is more predictable and manageable through these thoughts.

With very best wishes, Kraig