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Get Max Value with T12Ms!

We've found that some users just aren't getting what they could from Trailing 12-Month Charts (T12Ms).  Clearly, as pointed out in my talks and these blogs, T12Ms are the only tracking tool that works...yet many just aren't getting maximum value from them.

We've discovered why!  Most of us read charts and columns of numbers in drone-zone, auto-pilot, sub-conscious mode.  The reason is that somewhere along the way we discovered, sub-consciously, that the conclusioons ordinary charts and columns of numbers lead us toward just don't always pan out that way.  Sometimes our conclusion worked out the way we thought, often-times not.  And so we just put charts and numbers in the "maybe" place in our heads.

The solution is pretty simple, we just need to turn on our "analytical brains" whenever we look at T12M charts.  Easy to do:  just ask yourself three questions when viewing your T12Ms:  1 - What are the T12M Charts trying to tell me?  2 - Why is this happening (why is the chart doing that)?  3 - What could or should I do about it (about what the chart shows)?

The first quesion activates our thinking brain and in a second or two you'll see what you weren't seeing before.  The second question encourages scientific reasoning to figure out the drivers behind the chart's indications.  And of course, question three causes you to take appropriate action!  Trailing 12-Month Charts ALWAYS tell the truth, whereas the usually misleading ordinary charts we grew up with trained our brains to go into sub-conscious, non-acting mode.  Hope this helps your T12Ms realy pay off for you!

Best tracking, Kraig