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JULY 12-Seasons: Up Your Productivity

Twelve Seasons for JULY:  ways, tools, ideas, for upping your productivity in these uncertain times.

Why not spend just an hour or two with your management today brainstorming how to improve efficiency and effectiveness at the same time?  That hour or so could recover a lot of the profit shortfall some are experiencing this year due to focusing on just sales growth.  Top-line increase is good, but sometimes we become less efficient by not paying attention to a few things that could help the bottom-line too.

Most businesses have few dollar-per-unit measures.  Simplest is total sales dollars divided by number of units sold, or divided by some other measure of $ per pound, per shipment, per package, per service-delivered, per customer, per hour spent creating-delivering to that customer, per square foot sold, per whatever-you-consider-it-is-you-sell!  Most of those might be called "price" and once measured, you can perhaps then determine your pricing strategy. You can search on PRICE TOOLS on this blog to see a list of two-dozen ways to improve your pricing/strategy!

Also try dollars per supplier, per employee, per labor-content-hour, per number produced -- any and all could be measures of your efficiency (productivity).

Start measuring these today, track them on a multi-month-moving-average during the first year and at the end of the year you'll have a 12mma (12-month-moving-average).  This is the best tool for ongoing tracking and improving (very similar to a T12M, trailing-twelve-month total chart).  After all, WGMGD (what gets measured gets done).  Perhaps download one of our dashboards from the website under NEW TOOLS CATALOG to customize your productivity improvers!

So, to summarize, just brainstorm for an hour on your productivity will make more money and improve output, which should also boost employee pride.

Best wishes for success with these ideas,  Kraig