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Re-Mix Geographically for Greater Growth

Another step you can take in developing your re-mix strategy is in the area of geography, or more appropriately demographics.

One quick example:  as I began my tenure as CEO at Snapper, the lawnmower manufacturer, my originally-Oregonian wife asked "what if you made a lawnmower to cut wet grass in the rain?"   This was a logical thought since she grew up in Oregon where it rains almost incessantly and we had just moved from there to Georgia where ther's a lot more sunlight and lots more time to mow when it's dryer.

At Snapper, we develped a lawnmower that indeed does mow in a downpour without clumping, clogging, or messing up your lawn while cutting it very nicely in the rain!  We did do quite a bit of research and found there was a need for such a product not only in Oregon and Washington states where it rains a lot, but also in England and parts of Europe with similar conditions.  A success!

This re-mixing of offerings is geographically focused, or perhaps to some degree demographically focused on the needs of particular market segments not previously served.  You might recall we suggested asking "what's impossible?" or "where has a market not been served?" in prior editions of this series of remix articles.

This is clearly an adaptation, although very focused on the needs in geographic or demographic arenas.  Hope this helps you re-mix your strategic direction successfully.

Very best, Kraig