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12 Seasons for November 2012

Twelve Seasons for November 2012, post-election:  How to get ready for four more years? 

ANTICIPATE THE FUTURE!  Many economists see a recession starting around mid-2013 or sooner, so prepare now to PRO-ACT:  1)Improve cash-flow with better and earlier measures and actions; 2)Pro-act to cut discretionary costs plus identify cheaper approaches; 3)Identify and pursue actively "What Causes Sales" on a programmed basis; 4)Find new sources of income and cash. And, if the economy actually improves instead of recesses, your anticipatory focus in these key areas will improve your business even more!

In each area: download or build a Cash Manager Tool and identify in advance your cash pro-actions; pre-design your cost and expense cutting pro-actions, triggered by specific economic key indicators as they are published weekly and monthly; download or build the "What Causes Sales" tracking dashboard and again pre-identify your pro-actions for building/maintaining top-line results month-by-month through the end of 2013 and into 2014; and finally, visit our blog at to see prior editions of these 12-Seasons where we've identified dozens of ways to find additional sources of cash and income.

More focus and detail in these areas will occupy this space in coming months.

Our wish is that your hope or perhaps even hopelessness turns into HOPEFULNESS as you "anticipate" the future and "pro-act" in advance of economic and business evolution.

Good luck to all,  Kraig