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12 Seasons Dec '12: 2013 Success!

Our twelve seasons for December focuses on managing success throughout 2013!  The following thoughts will improve your business whether your industry surges or regresses in 2013 due to a possible economic slowdown or downturn.

To make the upcoming year more prosperous, undertake a simple 3-step technique:  first, build a mini-dashboard of just a few key indicators (less than one hour's effort); then second, take one-half hour with your senior managers each month to review these together; and third, agree with each manager the specific, time-definite, actions that will be taken to make your business better in the coming month.

To help with this, all the CEO Tools at have now been UPGRADED FOR USE THROUGH THE END OF 2013 to help effect those three steps.  Grab the 4-Charts Tool NOW and start managing your destiny in 2013 with the 3-step technique. Even better, get the 5-Charts Tool, a mini-dashboard which includes the 4-Charts, and then add your own "WHAT CAUSES SALES" -- the fifth chart all set and ready for your use now. Click on New Tools Catalog above-left at to see and get these tools for 2013. You can build them yourselves using the free PDF --or-- download the Excel version and you can copy-paste your numbers into the data sheet and begin success planning and management immediately!

The idea here is to create that little key-indicator dashboard and take action!  Please print the free PDF for the 4-Chart and 5-Chart tools from "New Tools Catalog" and build that mini-dashboard.  Voila, you're quickly on your way to an improved 2013 even before the new year begins in January!

May this coming year bring to you much success using these and other business tools!

Best holiday and Holy Day wishes to all,  Kraig