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2013 Twelve Seasons

In 2013, we've been asked to focus "12 Seasons of Business" first on things that increase top-line results, and second on things that bring more to the bottom-line.  This of course assumes everyone has heard plenty this past year on cash management, which in many ways is more paramount than P&L, particularly with the continuing uncertain times ahead.  If you still need better cash focus, please visit our website to check out Cash Manager Tool and our blogsite to search on "cash" to see numerous 2012 short articles on improved cash management.

With that as the focus, here are the topics for each month:

1)  Top five customer tools to grow top-line results.
2)  Top five people tools to grow top and bottom lines.
3)  Top five planning tools to improve focus on goals.
4)  Top five strategy tools to grow top-line.
5)  Top five goal realization tools.
6)  Top five tools to track key indicators and turn measure-into-action.
7)  Top five ideas to incrementally grow top-line.
8)  Top five ideas to handle inflation.
9)  Top five ideas to sell more to existing customers.
10) Top five ideas to sell more to new customers.
11) Top five tools for probable 2014 recession.
12) Top five tools of the year! O

nce again, our hope is that the 2013 year brings you huge success using these and other business tools!  Also included below is the Top 45 Tools list.

Very best throughout 2013, Kraig