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Jan 2013 12-Seasons: TOP TOPLINE TOOLS!

January's 12-Seasons kicks the year off right by focusing on getting more top-line results, more volume in your business.  Not a re-hash, but better ways for you to identify and get new customers and more sales with existing customers.  Here are the top five top-line improvers, in rank order:  

Customer TOMA Tool  
Customer Care Tool  
Feed Customer-Garden  
Give Customers 100:100  
Customer Calendar

What is each and how implement to get remarkable results?  The most impactful tool for getting new customers and selling existing customers more is the TOMA (top-of-mind-awareness) system given to us by the greatest marketing guru, Jim Cecil.  Very simply, touch both customers and prospects eight times a year with a "non-selling" message...they will contact YOU the minute they need what you do sell.  You will be Top-of-Mind with them!  That simple!  Use a CRM (customer relationship management) tool to send them a personal card, a tool that will help them, an article that might be of interest, just a "touch."  See the free TOMA tool on our website for more detail.

Customer Care is also simple: provide amenities to your customer that no one else does.  Like an informational monthly summary that talks about their business, not yours. Feed Customer Garden (also from Jim Cecil):  separate your customers into three or four groups that individually need a different kind of "customer care" -- your competitors don't do this!

Give Customers 100:100 is a combination of the above: when you provide the accumulated attention from the above tools, you are giving the customer "100%" or maybe even 110%.  Then when you need favors of customers, they will be happy to accommodate a request for a one-time earlier payment, or understanding of a slightly late shipment, or a concession of some other kind.  They're willing to give 100% because you did.

Finally, the Customer Calendar is simply a tracking system to assure you are doing the above new behaviors; a simple reminder system to alert you to take action.  More detail on each tool is available at and for you.

As always, we hope these ideas help your top-line and thereby your bottom-line in 2013!

With very best New Year and business betterment wishes, Kraig