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Feb 2013 12-Seasons: Top Profitmaking PEOPLE Tools

For February 12-Seasons turns to the TOP 5 PEOPLE TOOLS for growing your top and bottom lines:  

Get employee engagement with WGM&MGD!  
Coach employees to treat customers NICER!  
Ask employees how to create customer CONVENIENCE.  
Regular recognition of employee greatness.  
CEO get involved & focus on customer service.  

Here are some suggestions for implementing and applying these tools.

Employee engagement with What Gets Measured, AND MANAGED, gets done:  Clearly, posting a few key indicators that employees identify with is helpful, especially using Trailing 12-Month Charts.  Managers who also get "buy-in" or "employee engagement" by those employees will be all the more successful with What-Gets-Measured-AND-MANAGED-Gets Done!

Coaching employees to treat customers more nicely obviously creates far superior results, as evidenced by the unique approach of Southwest Airlines (now also emulated by WestJet).

Asking employees how to create more CONVENIENCE for customers will both engage the employees and at the same time improve customer relations.  It's reported that 82% of all lost customers is due to employee apathy or just plain rudeness.

We've talked often of RECOGNITION as the most motivational tool with employees.  Check chapter 7 of the "CEO Tools" book for ideas here (available from Amazon at very low price).

Finally, the CEO and senior managers can set the example by focusing on customers in many ways.  Just talking positively about customers to employees or being with customers will do it.  Clark Johnson, the hugely successful of Pier 1 Imports, wrote a letter every week to all employees about customers; every week for over seven years!

We really hope  these few tools will boost your top and bottom-lines throughout 2013!

Kindest regards, Kraig