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Let's turn 12-Seasons for March to the TOP 5 GOAL TOOLS for success in your business:  

1 - Use What Gets Measured (and Managed) Gets Done - WGM&MGD!  
2 - "Hoosiers" gives us the Best Management Practices  
3 - W4C (walk-the-four-corners) to inculturate Employees with Goals  
4 - 1-Page Business Plan focuses All Employees on Goals   
5 - Bring Suppliers and Customers into Your Plans & Goals  

How to use these?  Try these ideas:

1 - Use WG&MGD - What gets measured gets done, you already know that; now just add "managing" your business so that everyone is plugged into what behavior changes the "measuring" points to!

2 - Show the movie "Hoosiers" to your managers in a meeting and encourage them to talk about the management messages after showing the film; you'll be amazed at the subsequent improvement in management and communication in your business.

3 - Walk-the-Four-Corners (W4C) for 20 minutes and ask different employees each day how to make improvements in your business.  You'll see an increase in pace and goal-realization in just a few weeks of doing this.

4 - Give your 1-page business plan to every employee and then while doing your W4C talk to employees about their roles in making that plan come to life.

5 - Get suppliers and customers into your plans and goals by meeting with them, giving them your appropriate 1-page business plan, and showing them how the plan and goals help them; you'll suddenly engage incredibly supportive allies!

As usual, may these ideas benefit you and your business all year.

Best regards, Kraig Kramers