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April is a great time for 12-Seasons focus on your TOP 5 STRATEGY-GROWTH TOOLS:  

1 - Strategic Goal RANGE to motivate Employees!  
2 - Strategic CEO Monthly Letter to all Employees.  
3 - Innovative interim Goals (e.g., Q1=$1.00).  
4 - Price-Mix-Volume Strategies.   
5 - Ask Employees about Strategic Direction.  

How do these five strategic methods apply to your business?

1 - Set RbR (reasonable-but-reaching basic goal, do-able but not daunting.  Then set a higher Big Audacious Goal where it's okay to fail.  Get employee buy-in on that goal range through communication.

2 - Send a paper-copy of a "strategic" CEO Monthly Letter to all employees.  Explain the strategy, show why it's of value to employees, and get buy-in for employee engagement.

3 - Set and communicate innovative interim goals, like Q1=$1.00 of profit in a typically loss quarter, report to employees on them, explain their value.

4 - Strategize how to improve business MIX (search on "mix" at for ideas); trade price to fill up your business with volume; get your price-mix-volume formula down pat!

5 - Walk-the-four-corners (W4C) and ask employees what they think about your strategy; questions they might have; how best to implement. Once again, hope these tools and approaches improve your company's performance!

With best wishes, Kraig Kramers