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May 12-Seasons: Goal Realizers!

Our 12-Seasons for May centers on goal-realization tools.  So, what are the best ways to galvanize goals into real-live-right-now action?  

1 - Ask employees "how" they will achieve their goal in 2013.  
2 - Track and feedback interim result-vs-goal to employees.  
3 - Get Monthly Operations Report (M-O-R) from key managers.  
4 - Use QPM Accountability tool with senior & middle managers.  
5 - Re-assess goals quarterly for appropriateness.

Here are some ideas on getting these goal-realization tools to work in your company:  

1 - Ask your managers to set goals with key employees within their departments/divisions; then  walk-the-four-corners (W4C) with each manager one day each week and spend a few minutes asking those key employees to think specifically about "how" they'll implement to achieve the goals; follow up in subsequent walks and chat with each on their implementation.  

2 - Give frequent feedback to all employees (weekly and monthly) on actual company/departmental/divisional performance and results.  Use CEO Monthly Letter and Weekly Update.  

3 - Ask each of your direct report managers to write a one-page M-O-R (monthly operations report) to address specifically:  What happened this month, What should have happened this month, What will we be making happen next month.  

4 - Try the Quarterly Priorities Manager tool (QPM) for increasing accountability at the senior and next level down in management (see QPM at  

5 - Have a 1 to 3 hour meeting once a quarter to re-assess the goals and how they're working; revamp as necessary. As usual, we wish you best results using these tools! 

Very best regards,  Kraig