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July's 12-Seasons-of-Business turns to some quick, easy ways to incrementally grow your top-line.  Let’s see what might work for you with five top tools:

1 – Focus on more volume:  add-on items, line-items-per-invoice, adjunct items, special offers.

2 - Bundle and/or unbundle products & services:  split out or combine items to get more sales.

3 - Develop offers that include informational helps, naturally-fitting products/services, live application help.

4 - Make it more convenient for customers:  deliver at time-certain; make it easy to specify, easier to select, order, pay, use product/service; provide weekend and evening ordering, support.

5 - Be "nicer" to customers:  coach “niceness” into all employee-customer interactions; personal thank you note with delivery; add surprise gift in package; try secret-shopper to ferret out improvement areas.

And an extra, #6:  increase prices selectively, incrementally (for 24 ways to increase price, go to and search on “pricing” to see Pricing for Impending Inflation...and, you can up price even in deflationary times! Additionally, to develop unique approaches attuned especially to your business you can click on New Tools Catalog at upper-left of home-page at and scroll down to the free PDFs.

As always, hope these ideas trigger at least one top-line (and resulting bottom-line) improvement for you.

Very best wishes,   Kraig