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September 12 Seasons: Sell More to Current Customers

How about selling more to existing customers starting in September as our topic for 12 Business Seasons?

Here are some ideas:

1 - Get new ideas on what to “add” to your “sell” by studying what all competitors are doing.  Don’t just copy what additional things they do, but go one better by figuring out why that “add” either appeals to customers or perhaps what the customer REALLY wants, and then acting accordingly.

2 - Create "sustainable competitive advantages," like extra politeness by your people, more convenience for the customer in the string of events from finding you, selecting, ordering, etcetera through paying, re-ordering, getting parts or warranty, and so on.

3 - Identify customers' "needs" not just their "wants," since often a customer doesn’t know, for example, what might be more convenient until they see you provide it!

4 – Analyze your existing offering to broaden appeal or applicability; by slightly re-defining how you pitch or define your product or service, you often can dramatically expand your potential market.

5 - Ask customers what would make you an absolute "10."  You might be frightened to ask this, but then you’ll never know, will you!  And, whatever the customer says, it will help you understand far more than now.  You could try just asking a few of your smaller, less-committed customers to minimize any fallout.

Obviously these ideas are meant to provoke thinking and create discussion within your inner circle about how to sell more to current customers.  And, as always, we  offer these thoughts in the spirit of improving your business.

With very best wishes, Kraig