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Happy New Year to all! Huge thanks to everyone for your amazing and humbling support during my 3-month hiatus. Numbering well over 1,000, your well-wishes came in so many forms (calls, emails, visits, cards, flowers/plants, personal notes).  Your caring touches were instrumental in propelling me forward to join the ranks of successful C-survivors.  Still recovering and doing rehab at home, but the future is bright and I can't wait to get back out there to see y'all!  This New Year, 2014, we'll offer just one simple tool for your business each month.

For January, just ask yourself and your team "HOW" specifically, action item by action item, will we achieve our goals for the year, kind of the way a journeyman mason builds a straight-and-true wall.  By agreeing on and then tracking the specific action items, you'll understand what to do and literally build, brick-by-brick, far greater success!

With best wishes for an awesome 2014, Kraig