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February 2014 "12 Seasons" --> Measure & Act!

Back in January, we talked about identifying "HOW" step-by-step, your 2014 goals would be acheived by individuals in your organization.  Of course we all know "what gets measured gets done" so clearly the task for February is to set up simple measuring systems that publish results on a timely, frequent, and visible basis.  It's one thing to measure, and yet another to cause cognizance and corrective/institutionalized pro-action!  The trick this month is to make the periodic results of the "how" action items both visible and actionable.  As a manager, this is pretty simple: have 10-minute stand-up meetings every week to see and act, publish a monthly "how we're doing and did" -- and then continue to follow-through all year.

Again, a simple, straightforward step each month for our 12 Seasons of Business.

Best of the best in 2014! Kraig