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April 2014 12-Seasons of Business: Get Buy-In!

For April we're concentrating the 12-Seasons-of-Business on getting broader results through employee buy-in.  Best ways to do that are to get complete acceptance of the goals by employees in conjunction with continuing communication of the goals and our progress so employees are both bought-in and plugged in.

Again, it’s a simple approach this month and one that is perhaps the most powerful because we're multiplying manifold the attention given by employees to what we want to accomplish.

How to do it?  Set RbR (reasonable but reaching) goals with the employees, not for them.  Then three days later, set some Big Audacious Goals (BAGs) with them that are above the RbRs but where it's okay to fail.  Follow with regular communication, frequently and fervently, about the goals and progress...yes, communicate at about ten times as much as you think is appropriate!  The reason is we think they get it, but unless we re-iterate redundantly, they'll think we didn't mean it or that it's unimportant or that we aren't interested anymore!  

Hope these thoughts about employee engagement are helpful!  

With warm regards, Kraig