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May 12-Seasons: Get Dramatic Delegation Results!

Twelve Seasons of Business for May asks:  What if you suddenly had a way of assuring certain key goals get achieved this year?  Wouldn’t that be nifty!

Here’s a way to increase the odds in your favor tremendously:  delegate just those few key goals individually to just a few key players in your organization.  And use the “Implement-ate” tool for maximum effect.  Implement-ate has seven steps and works like this:


First, educate the delegatee as to why the task/goal is important; next, communicate the need for certain completion characteristics of the task/goal (like when, precisely what, perhaps how, and certainly where, and maybe who else need be involved).  Third, actually delegate, which implies getting “buy-in” or acceptance by the delegatee.   Then fourth, participate with support, suggestions, and periodic checking-in to assess progress (i.e. show your interest)!  Fifth is to motivate with “attaboys” and “attagirls” along the way.  Facilitate removing obstacles from the delegatee’s path and getting others to support the effort where needed.  And, finally celebrate the successful achievement of the task/goal.

A few caveats:  never grab the steering wheel away from the delegatee, never just do the task/goal yourself, never un-delegate the task/goal or abandon it.  All of those things severely de-motivate not only the delegatee but also the entire organization.  And…please be sure to do all seven steps:  the celebration reinforces the importance of delegation.  Yes, delegation comes with some responsibility on the delegator’s part, yet it’s easy to do and really worthwhile!

Hope this is helpful to you. With best wishes, Kraig