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JULY 2014 Twelve-Seasons: Revisit for Results

For July 12-Seasons-of-Business, let’s recap what we’ve considered so far this  year.  This re-iteration usually improves the result when we see the tools in sequence and the big picture…

January – Ask “how” specifically we each will achieve our goal  this year.

February – Make those “hows” visible and more actionable for everyone.

March – Reforecast to correct the course and assure we’re on course!

April – Get “buy-in” by employees on goals; show what’s in it for them.

May – Delegate to increase buy-in, focus, and spread accountability.

June – Recognize achievement/progress along the way; then reward, too.

By taking a few moments here in July to review what you’ve done in each area over the past six months, you should be able to renew your focus on guiding the even-greater success of your enterprise!  Each of the first six months’ topics are captured in detail at

Really do hope this is helpful!

Very best wishes, Kraig