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Ramp Up Cash Flow --> Most Profitable Sale!
27 August 2014

A discount coupon gets you paid sooner and keeps your customer coming back with more orders!

12 Seasons for November 2012
07 November 2012

How to get ready for four more years? ANTICIPATE and PRO-ACT before the 2013 projected recession using tools outline here.

September 12 Seasons: CLOBBER COMPETITION
05 September 2012

Pro-act and out-distance competition through a new focus on cash and doing things differently than them since you know growth is now and recession coming at end-2013 into 2014.

"12 Seasons" for June: See the Future NOW!
05 June 2012

Tools and ways to see into your future, your "crystal bnall" to pro-act iin running your business better through anticipatin of the upcoming good and upcoming bad.

09 May 2012

YES IT WORKS! TOOLS ON THE "CEO TOOLS" BOOK's CD! Over 20,000 CEOs and Senior Executives use the various tools provided by our website and the "CEO Tools" book. Microsoft purposefully makes it "difficult" or "challenging" for users of its products and ours by introudcing versions that block its own prior files from use as well as ours. Here is a solution for using the tools on the CD included with the "CEO Tools" book: just copy-paste files from the CD into a new folder you create on your desktop, re-label it "CEO Tools" and then dbl-clk any tool to open and use it!

Aug 12 Seasons: Top Tools & Tips
05 August 2011

Top tools for running your business: CASH ManagerTool, What Causes SALES Tool, and MEASURE-UP Dashboard. Try all three under New Tools Catalog at - also try Vistage/TEC/Other CEO membership - huge gains in management and leadershipe skills/speed!

JULY 12 Seasons: Economic Redux?
04 July 2011

Economic uncertainty at its height, so use tools to be conservative: "What Causes Sales" and Cash Manager and financing ideas and Pricing Strategy ideas as well as inventory management. All through this article!

November 12 Seasons = Where Get Help?
01 November 2010

Where to get help for your business now!

"12 Seasons" Oct 2010 - Manage Metrics
10 October 2010

Measure and MANAGE key metrics for far greater success!

What if my market is dead?
05 September 2010

Two ideas to grow your business in these tought times.

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